Mitsubishi Jeep

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Featured Jeep:  1981 Mistubishi Jeep
Featured Jeep:  1980 Toyota Landcruiser
BJ41 1980
Diesel Landcruiser

4 x 4
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During WWII, the Japanese had "close personal contact" with the famous GI Jeep, made for the Army by the Willys Corporation. This vehicle was designed to cover virtually any kind of terrain in Europe, the Phillipines, in Asia -- anywhere there was rugged going and the Army needed to get its men from point A to point B. It was the vehichle that would go anywhere; compact and efficient, and perfectly suited to the Japanese mindset after the war. Mitsubishi negotiated the purchase of the rights to manufacture the Jeep in 1953. The Mitsubishi Jeep was in production until 1998. The 4DR5 2.7L 4 cylinder diesel engine provided a more productive 100 hp and has proved to be a very attractive feature for offroaders. All Jeeps are US road legal and get 30-35 mpg.


The Toyota name is taken its founder, Kiichiro Toyoda, who began his company in 1935, producing a passenger vehicle called the A1. The Toyota Motor Corporation has since launched an abundance of passenger cars and trucks and has established itself in the global market. The Classic Toyota Landcruiser is a two door body with either a hard top or a soft top. Both are removable. Toyota produced the BJ diesel starting in 1950. The American Army contacted Toyota to make a vehicle for the American GIs serving in Japan at the time. Toyota had practical experience in this line, having manufactured the AK10, a diesel 4 x 4, and thus the BJ40 series was born. The Toyota Landcruiser is also US road legal and has a Michigan title.